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These are the current factions of Middle Earth Northern Region.

Human Factions:

Name Description Status
Gondor The Greatest kingdom of Men in middle-earth. Bordered by Rohan, Harad and Mordor. Includes many fiefdoms. Overlord
Arnor These rangers once disunited, have come together over time and restored the Empire of Arnor, an ancient and powerful Kingdom. Overlord
Rohan One of the greatest kingdoms of men, the Rohirim have a vibrant culture and long history. Independent
Dale The largest and most powerful state of Northmen, bordering their trade allies in Erebor, and allied with their trade partners of Dorwinion and Woodland realm. Independent
Dunland Savages living off bare rock and bone, They pillage and raid the surrounding areas while their main focus is to the unknown southern region. Independent
Bree-Land A faction for both hobbit and men, this place fights for the freedom of commerce and independence from foreign powers Integrated
The Shire They see peace, and are disconnected from the rest of the world. These Hobbits are not expected to begin an Imperial Conquest but they are willing to protect their home and bed at all costs. Integrated
Dol Amroth The great swan knights, in the gleaming ports of Dol Amroth and Edhellond, A powerful faction in terms of navy and units. Integrated
Taurethrim Once a mighty empire, that held all of Far Harad. Is but a shadow of their former selves, dwelling in the jungles defending their homes from the Morwaith and the Grey Demons Independent
Morwaith A tribal nation of Far Harad, living a primitive lifestyle but have hardy men that will ride into battle if they must. Independent
Harnennor A Cruel region compared to their Southern counterparts, a constant battlefield between the forces of Gondor and Harad. Integrated
Umbar The great Kingdom of Umbar, with bustling merchant ports and great ships, also home to the Corsairs of Umbar, pirates that only value gold and silver for their loyalty. Overlord
Gulfen A savage and primitive people. Living in huts and sacrificing prisoners. Still worshipping the ancient gods that they believe. Independent
Southron Coasts A densely population region, with grand cities and lush tropical forests, Hardy and civilized people live here resistant to the sun from their robes. Independent
Dorwinion The beautiful land of Dorwinion is home to both men and elves. Fertile and well-population. Known for their wine which is sold around the entirety of Middle Earth Independent
Rhudel A mildly fertile land, with sparse forests. Home to a fierce race of easterlings led by a powerful King in Rhunost. Vassal

Orc/ Goblin Factions:

Name Description Status
Mordor The dark realm of the Dark Lord Sauron, utterly subservient to his will. Mordor is the strongest power in middle earth who plans on crushing all that is free. Foul creatures dwell here, mostly composed of million of foul orcs. This faction is indisputably evil and threatens to bring upon a black tide to wipe out the Free Peoples of Middle Earth into the sea. Overlord
Angmar A dark nation led by the Witchking in the regions of the cold north, He will attempt to spread his influence to dominate his surrounding territories. Disconnected Vassal
Isengard The Stronghold of the wizard Saruman. from which he makes war upon the free peoples. A birthplace of new, strong and loyal Uruk-Hai. Stronger than all other orcs and do not fear the sun. Independent
Dol Guldur An evil-infested region, where Sauron lived before moving to Mordor. Their sinister urge to conquer directly contrasts the tranquil seclusion of their counterpart faction, the Wood elves. Independent
Mountain orcs To be named a "Mountain Orc" or a "Gundabad orc" is to know the terrain you are fighting on, these orcs are of all types, this faction contains the raw warlike culture of the orc race, they are not bound to a single stronghold or leader. Disconnected Vassal
Half Trolls The Grey-Demons, once created by Sauron as an experiment have begun breeding on their own, a savage and unintelligent race, their lust for blood never ends. Independent
Nan Ungol A grim and shadowy corner of Mordor, infested with the Spawn of Ungoliant Vassal

Elven Factions:

Name Description Status
Lindon Grey Havens, they see peace in their lands but if Angmar rises they might have to raise their weapons and face an old enemy once again. Independent
Rivendell The Hidden Territory of Rivendell, their neighbors are the Durins Folk, and main Enemy are the Orc hordes of the mountains. Independent
Wood Elves The Isolated Kingdom of the Woodland Realm, within the great forest of Greenwood and corrupted regions of Mirkwood. Independent
Lothlorien The Golden Elves, Golden leaves upon White trees, a beautiful Kingdom, protected from any foul creatures. Independent

Dwarven Factions

Name Description Status
Durins Folk The largest Kingdom of Dwarves, the Longbeards, Dwarves of the Iron hills and Erebor. Master craftsmen and miners. Independent
Blue Mountains Brethren of the Durins Folk, they see peace in the far west, with their trade allies Lindon they are not expected to see war anytime soon. Independent
Red Dwarves The Orocani Dwarves are a peculiar race, they are isolated from the worldly events being so far out. Their main trading partner being Rhudel Independent

Bandit/ Pirate Warlord:

Bandit Clan Warlord Members Description Location
The Iron Band MausHetzer -- -- Dale