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Welcome! To Lord of Embers, A land currently beset in the third age War of the Ring.

Sauron has risen, the West stirs, the delicate balance wears thin. History can develop on your actions.

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Server Rules Lord of Embers Server Rules
War Rules Rules during War and info about War
Personal/ Recognized Build Rules Rules made to protect personal and recognized builds.
War Guide A guide to wars and other things.
Click here for the Political Map! Our political map, showing where each faction controls what territory.
Server Staff Roles Staff roles that specifically partake in the server and their info.
Enchanting Guide Guide for Enchanting, Reenchanting etc


Army Comps Information about troop squadrons
Diplomacy Diplomacy between Factions
Coalitions and Empires Information about Creating Federations, Empires etc.
War Goals War types and how to declare them.
Expeditionary Forces Information on volunteering in a War
Naval Power Projection Naval power projection and how Sea provinces

Authority & Rulership

Political Power Information about a Currency used to declare wars, do diplomatic actions and other things related to Factions
How to become A Ruler A page on how to become a King or Queen of a Faction
Landless Factions Information about Factions who don't own any territory.
Political Doctrines Page on Doctrines a faction can choose to either Benefit them or debuff them.
Banditry A way for neutral players to play, without affiliating with any faction.


Dynasties The Dynasties of the server
LORE Characters Page on Characters you can gain on the server, each with their perks.
Artifacts Page on In-Game Artifacts and who owns them.
Factions Page about the current factions on the server
Races Page on the current races that exist
Objectives Events that players can enact to gain specific bonuses
Custom Nations Information on how to form a custom faction


Builders Guild At the cost of resources and money you may request a building for a settlement or stronghold to be pasted.
Strongholds Information on how to build a recognized Stronghold/ Fortress
Settlements Information on how to build a Settlement
Resource Generation A page on resource generation, what structures generate what.
Province Transaction Information about trading provinces between factions
Expansion How to expand your borders.